beplay官网全站苹果铸造有限公司. 承诺保护本网站访客的私隐.  We care about protecting the personal information of our customers and visitors who use 我们的网站, 产品或服务(统称, 我们的“用户”).  This privacy policy provides details about how your personal information is collected, 由我们分享和使用. 

在任何这些情况下, 你可以选择不接受录用, marketing and/or advertising correspondence and e-mails of a promotional nature.  The option will either be available within the e-mail or you can e-mail us at news@cwmtl.一个直接而简洁的请求. 

If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the practices describe herein, 您可以联系news@cwmtl.com.  For the purposes of European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, 或GDPR, beplay官网全站苹果铸造有限公司. 是数据控制器.


本隐私政策涵盖个人信息, 包括, 我们收集的任何信息, 使用和分享你, 如下面所述.  This privacy policy applies to all websites managed and operated by beplay官网全站苹果铸造有限公司., our online 服务, and our mobile applications (collectively, the “Services”).  This privacy policy does not cover how our Users may use or share data that they collect using our 服务.

当您使用我们的服务时, 您的个人信息将被收集, 使用, and shared consistent with the provision of this privacy policy as well as the following specific forms that are related to online offerings by beplay官网全站苹果铸造有限公司.,这是本隐私政策的一部分:

  • for Users who have signed up with our Die Cast 设计中心 (also called “DC2”)
  • for Users who utilize any of our contact or RFQ forms on www.kombibursaservis.com
  • for Users who purchase supplementary die casting literature and coupons from our website


在您使用我们服务的过程中, 我们获得以下有关你的信息如下所述.  We collect this data for the purposes described under “How We Use Your Information.”

Signing Up For Services; User Information

  • 您在任何注册过程之前提供的信息, 例如您提供给我们的电子邮件
  • 您在任何注册过程中提供的信息, 包括品牌优惠(比如你的名字), 公司名称, 电子邮件地址, 电话号码, 邮寄地址, 地理位置, 和行业), when you call or email us (for support or otherwise) or when you use our 服务; and
  • 您提供给我们的付款信息 (by way of our Services, related 3rd 方电子商务渠道, or otherwise) when you purchase some of our supplementary 产品 and 服务, 包括信用卡数据.


Data relating to your online activity on our website with respect to our Services, 包括以下:

  • IP地址
  • 浏览器类型及版本
  • 地理位置
  • 页面视图
  • How you got to our Services and any links you click on to leave our Services
  • When you update your information, communicate with us, or order new Services
  • Metadata about your use and your contacts’ use of our Services and your emails you send (包括 clicks and opens)
  • 你与我们提供的任何视频的互动
  • 遇到需要我们支持或协助的问题
  • Any device or other method of communication you use to interact with the Services

We may store this data we collect in a variety of places within our infrastructure, 包括系统日志文件, 后端数据库, 和分析系统. 


  • 来自第三方社交网站的信息, in which you disclose personal information via the messenger 服务 which the third party social networking site provides, or any public comments or images that are shared with beplay官网全站苹果铸造有限公司.
  • Information you allow us to 访问 varies by social networking site, and depends on the level of privacy settings you have in place at the social networking site.  You can control and find out more about these privacy settings at the applicable social networking site.


  • 您在研讨会上向我们或我们的合作伙伴提供的信息;
  • 你在调查中向我们提供的资料;
  • Information that is publicly available; and
  • 您同意我们从第三方接收的信息


We have a legitimate interest in running a successful and efficient business and in providing you with Services and useful content, 我们使用我们收集的信息, 无论是单独的还是结合我们收集的其他信息, 无论是单独的还是结合我们收集的其他信息 about you, 为下列目的:

  • 向您提供所要求的服务;
  • 为您提供有用的内容;
  • 确保我们的服务正常运作;
  • 提供和改善我们的服务;
  • 向您提供所需的信息或技术支持;
  • To facilitate your movement through 我们的网站 or your use of our Services;
  • To do a better job of advertising and marketing our Services (our use of your information to do this is performed with your consent where required by applicable law);
  • 诊断我们的服务器或服务的问题;
  • 与我们的安全和合规计划有关;
  • 管理我们的网站;
  • 与你沟通;
  • To target prospective customers with our 产品 or 服务 9such targeting is only performed with your permission where your consent is required by applicable law);
  • To assist us in offering you a personalized experience or otherwise tailor our Services to you; and
  • 如本隐私政策中所述.

We also use the information we receive in aggregated and anonymized formats to produce reports on trends and statistics, 比如移动搜索的趋势, 电子邮件打开率按行业, campaign best practices or the number of users that have been exposed to, 或点击, 我们的网站.  This information is 使用 internally for marketing reports as a means to analyze web traffic activity.

您提供给我们的付款信息, 包括信用卡数据, will only be 使用 through the website and related third party re-directions (PayPal, 等.)以方便支付指定服务的款项.


在芝加哥白色金属铸造公司分享. 家庭

我们只在内部共享个人信息, 在商业交易和任何报价的范围内, 服务, 产品, or other business correspondence as it pertains to dealings with beplay官网全站苹果铸造有限公司.


When we share personal information with certain third-party partners, 这些信息包括你的名字, 电子邮件地址和其他信息使合作伙伴能够:

  • 协助您使用我们的产品和服务,
  • 联系 you with offers, 服务 or 产品 that may be of interest to you, and
  • 向你提供他们的产品或服务, 因为这关系到你和beplay官网全站苹果铸造公司的生意, 公司.


如果您从第三方供应商购买产品或服务, your personal information is 使用 solely to accommodate and fulfill the purchase.  Our contracts with third parties prohibit them from using any of your personal information for any purpose beyond the purpose for which it was shared. 


All users authorized by you to have 访问 to your account can view personal information stored in the account.  We share information about authorized users only for legitimate purposes consistent with this privacy policy, 包括 servicing your account and marketing 产品 and 服务 to you.  


最后, 如果法律要求这样做, or if we have a justified belief that such disclosure is reasonably necessary, 我们可能会向法庭披露您的个人信息, 执法机关和其他有关第三方, 比如互联网服务提供商, 进行调查, respond to a third party or law enforcement subpoena or court order, 提起法律诉讼, prevent harm to others or pursue other relief when you or a third party are or may be:

  • 违反我们的使用条款和条件的;
  • 造成伤害或其他伤害的, 侵犯财产或者其他合法权利的, of beplay官网全站苹果铸造有限公司., other users, or third parties; or
  • 违反联邦、州、地方或其他适用法律. 

This disclosure can include transferring your information to the U.S. 以及欧洲经济区以外的其他国家.  在法律允许的范围内, it is our policy to notify you in the event that we are required to provide your personal information to third parties in connection with a subpoena.


The transmission of information via the internet, email, or text message is not completely secure.  尽管我们会尽最大努力保护您的个人信息, we cannot guarantee the security of your information transmitted through the Services or over email; any transmission is at your own risk.  一旦我们收到你的信息, we will take appropriate technical and organizational measures to safeguard your personal information against loss, 盗窃, 和未经授权的使用, 访问, 或修改.

当我们收集金融账户信息时, 比如信用卡号码, it is through the PayPal payment system when utilizing our online store, 哪个第三方实体有自己的隐私政策.  Please make sure you read the PayPal privacy policy and agree to its terms prior to completing a transaction with our online store.


我们用饼干, 网络信标, 像素, 标签, 脚本, and other similar technologies in the course of your visit to our website.  




You always have the opportunity to opt-out of our marketing communications with you or change your preferences by following a link in the footer of all non-transactional email messages from us or 通过电子邮件ing us at news@cwmtl.com.  Some communications from us are considered transactional or service communications (for example, 重要账户通知及账单信息), 以及beplay官网全站苹果铸造公司的账目, 公司. 产品 and 服务 are provided to you upon the condition that you receive these communications from us. 

取消任何帐户, please follow the instructions found in the terms of service for the applicable beplay官网全站苹果铸造有限公司. 产品或服务.  You may still receive marketing communications from us even after you cancel your account unless you also opt-out of our marketing communications, 如上所述. 


We may contact you by telephone, with your consent where applicable, in response to the following:

  • 您通过我们的网站提交的查询;
  • A direct request from you to contact you (e-mail, phone call, other correspondence); and
  • 你的同事转交给我们的任何介绍信.
  • 饼干

A Cookie is a randomly generated unique number placed on your computer. It allows us to identify your computer without requiring your disclosure of any Non-Public Personal Information. 饼干 make it possible to both store and retrieve information through your internet browser. A Cookie itself cannot read information off a hard drive or read Cookie files from other sites.

beplay官网全站苹果铸造有限公司. does not actively collect, interpret, analyze or store Cookie information.  Any prompts for “autofill” or saving your information for the next login are prompts that are at the discretion of the internet browser you are using when visiting our website, 与beplay官网全站苹果铸造公司没有任何联系, 公司. or any websites or social media avenues managed by beplay官网全站苹果铸造有限公司.


To manage the information that we receive about you from a social networking site or other third parties 9if applicable), you will need to follow the instructions from that party for updating your information and changing your privacy settings, 如果有.  The information we collect is covered by this privacy policy and the information the third-party collects is subject to such third party’s privacy practices.  Privacy choices you have made on any third-party site will not apply to our use of the information we have collected directly through our Services. 


If an account or profile was created without your knowledge or authorization, please contact customer support to request the removal of the account or profile.


We retain your personal information to provide 服务 to you and as otherwise necessary to comply with our legal obligations, 解决争端, 执行我们的协议.  We will retain your personal information as long as your account exists, as long as you put in a request to remove your account from our databases, 或者如果您手动从我们的数据库中删除您的帐户. 

如果您想恢复您的账户, you will need to go through the subscription request and approval process again to do so. 


You have the right to know whether we process personal information about you, 如果我们这样做, to 访问 data we hold about you and certain information about how we use it and who we share it with.


You have the right to receive a subset of the personal information you provide us if we process it on the legal bases of our contract with you or with your consent in a structured, commonly 使用 and machine-readable format and a right to request that we transfer such personal information to another party. If you wish for us to transfer the personal information to another party, please ensure you detail that party and note that we can only do so where it is technically feasible. We are not responsible for the security of the personal information or its processing once received by the third party.


You have the right to require us to correct any personal information held about you that is inaccurate and have incomplete data completed. 你在哪里要求更正, please explain in detail why you believe the personal information we hold about you to be inaccurate or incomplete so that we can assess whether a correction is required. Please note that while we assess whether the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate or incomplete, you may exercise your right to restrict our processing of the applicable data as described below.


You may request that we erase the personal information we hold about you in the following circumstances:

  • where you believe it is no longer necessary for us to hold the personal information;
  • we are processing it on the basis of your consent and you wish to withdraw your consent;
  • we are processing your data on the basis of our legitimate interest and you object to such processing;
  • you no longer wish us to use your data to send you marketing; or
  • 你认为我们在非法处理你的数据.

Please provide as much detail as possible on your reasons for the request to assist us in determining whether you have a valid basis for erasure.


You have a right to require us to stop processing the personal information we hold about you other than for storage purposes in the following circumstances:

  • You believe the personal information is not accurate for the period it takes for us to verify whether the data is accurate;
  • We wish to erase the personal information as the processing we are doing is unlawful but you want us to simply restrict the use of that data;
  • We no longer need the personal information for the purposes of the processing but you require us to retain the data for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims; or
  • You have objected to us processing personal information we hold about you on the basis of our legitimate interest and you wish us to stop processing the personal information while we determine whether there is an overriding interest in us retaining such personal information.


You have the right to object to our processing of data about you and we will consider your request. Please provide us with detail as to your reasoning so that we can assess whether there is a compelling overriding interest in us continuing to process such data or we need to process it in relation to legal claims.

你也有这个权利, 在任何时候, to object to our processing of data about you in order to send you marketing, 包括 where we build profiles for such purposes and we will stop processing the data for that purpose.


Where you have provided your consent to us processing your personal data, you can withdraw your consent 在任何时候 by contacting us at news@cwmtl.Com,并说明具体要求. 


我们的一些服务提供到其他网站的链接. Because we do not control the information policies or practices of these third-party sites, you should review their privacy policies to learn about how they collect and use personal information.

You may also log in to some of our Services using sign-in 服务 such as Facebook Connect or an Open ID provider. These 服务 will authenticate your identity and provide you with the option to share certain personal information with us, such as your name and 电子邮件地址 to pre-populate our sign up form. 例如, 如果你利用了我们的社交媒体功能, 比如Facebook的“赞”按钮, 和小部件, such as the “Share This” button or interactive mini-programs that run on our site, 适用的社交网站可能会收集您的IP地址, 您正在访问我们网站的哪个页面, 并且可以设置cookie使其正常工作.


我们的服务不适用于18岁以下的人士. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 18. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that his or her child has provided us with personal information without such a parent or guardian’s consent, 他或她应该beplay官网全站苹果. If we become aware that a child under 18 has provided us with personal information, 我们将从我们的文件中删除这些信息.


以便我们为您提供本服务, 您的个人信息将被转移到, 并在美国储存/加工. Your personal data is also processed by staff operating outside the European Economic Area (EEA), 比如在印度和菲律宾, 谁为我们工作或者为我们的供应商工作. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your personal data is treated securely and in accordance with this policy.

For transfers of personal information within the beplay官网全站苹果铸造有限公司., such transfer will be under the Commission’s model contracts for the transfer of personal data to third countries (i.e., 标准合同条款), pursuant to Decision 2004/915/EC and 2010/87/EU.

用于向第三方传送资料, such transfers will either (i) be under the Commission’s model contracts for the transfer of personal data to third countries (i.e., 标准合同条款), pursuant to Decision 2004/915/EC and 2010/87/EU; or (ii) rely on the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework.


In the event that you wish to make a complaint about how we process your personal information, 请通过news@cwmtlbeplay官网全站苹果的内部团队.com, and we will bring your request to review with all website security teams involved. 


We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy 在任何时候, so please review it frequently. 如果我们决定以任何实质性的方式改变这个隐私政策, 我们会在这里通知您, 通过电子邮件, 或通过WWW上的通知.cwmdiecast.在变更生效之前. In all cases, your continued use of any Services constitutes acceptance to any such changes.